load_perezfornos2012([shuffle, subjects, …]) Load data from [PerezFornos2012]
pulse2percept.datasets.perezfornos2012.load_perezfornos2012(shuffle=False, subjects=None, figures=None, random_state=0)[source]

Load data from [PerezFornos2012]

Load the brightness associated with joystick position data described in [PerezFornos2012]. Datapoints were extracted from Figures 3-7 of the paper.

Retinal implants: Argus II
Subjects: 9
Number of samples: 45
Number of features: 158

The dataset includes the following features:

Subject Subject ID
Figure Reference figure from [PerezFornos2012]
time_series Numpy array of the time series data associated with the figure. Note: This was generated by linear interpolation from [-2.0, 75.5] in steps of 0.5

New in version 0.8.

  • shuffle (boolean, optional) – If True, the rows of the DataFrame are shuffled.
  • random_state (int | numpy.random.RandomState | None, optional) – Determines random number generation for dataset shuffling. Pass an int for reproducible output across multiple function calls.
  • subjects (str | list of strings | None, optional) – Select data from a single subject or a list of subjects. By default, all subjects are selected.
  • figures (str | list of strings | None, optional) – Select data from a single figure or a list of figures. By default, all figures are selected

data (pd.DataFrame) – The whole dataset is returned in a 45x158 Pandas DataFrame